Friday, August 26, 2011

The Day Before The Day!

Today I once again drove across the state of South Dakota to join a couple hundred runners at the Lean Horse ultra marathon.

I took pictures, recorded a short video and then learned I left my laptop at home. So this will be a short post from my phone.

My big hope is to shave at least an hour off last years 12 hour/50 mile finish. I have a much better training foundation this time around.

I'll keep it short. Save the images and such for the next post.


  1. Hi Nick,

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  2. Hi Nick! I just became a new follower and can't wait to hear how your race went. excited to read more about your races in the future. good luck!


  3. Hey Nick, I am planning on running the Black Hills 100 - 50 mile race and am wanting to incorporate a high carb mostly fruit diet before doing so to lose weight and improve performance. I found your blog through your profile on and thought i would drop you a line. How did the Lean Horse run go?